FPT Industrial moving toward sustainable transport solutions of the future

FPT Industrial exhibited at Fenatran 2022, one of the most important transport trade shows in the world in Brazil.

FPT Industrial

On its stand at the São Paulo Expo, FPT Industrial showcased a complete range of solutions, covering the needs of all commercial vehicle classes and including new, innovative products designed to increase efficiency, promote the use of renewable fuels, and open the road to electric mobility for goods and passenger transport.

Zero-emission ePowertrain solutions
Innovation and sustainability have always been part of FPT Industrial's DNA. At the forefront of technology, the brand presented solutions from its new ePowertrain division at Fenatran 2022, making clear its current and future position as a supplier of comprehensive zero-emission solutions, such as eAxles (electric axles), Central Drives (power transfer modules), Modular Battery Packs for LCVs, minibuses and buses, and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

With the recently inaugurated, carbon-neutral ePowertrain Plant in Turin, Italy, FPT Industrial’s ePowertrain division is committed to developing new generations of products representing the future of powertrains, today. It also continues to implement disruptive solutions with a revolutionary vision and Open Innovation-based approach, acting in an agile fashion and in partnership with electric mobility start-ups.

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New generation of Euro VI engines
As the first manufacturer to approve an engine for phase Proconve 8 of the Vehicle Emissions Control Program with the FPT F1C, FPT Industrial is firmly at the forefront of emission-control technologies. The brand presented its new Euro VI engines, highlighting the importance of diesel in the Brazilian transport environment (64.9% of Brazil’s transport travels on-road and accounts for 97% of the country’s diesel consumption), and the increased efficiency of internal combustion engines to meet fleet CO2 goals in the short and medium term.

The new Euro VI generation of the F1 Series, NEF and Cursor adds even more efficiency and performance, with the latest common rail electronic injection and variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) technology providing greater durability and fuel economy, with solutions such as the HI-eSCR after-treatment system offering extended maintenance intervals and optimized TCO across all applications.

XC13 and N67 natural gas engine
As part of its work towards sustainable propulsion for the future, FPT Industrial continues to develop and invest in new internal combustion engines to extend its technologies and competitive solutions. In addition, the brand’s focused approach also leverages its know-how of natural gas and biomethane applications, which dates back over 20 years. Two engines presented at Fenatran 2022 sum up this strategic path: the all-new XC13, the incarnation of the Cursor X concept; and the new N67 Natural Gas version.

XC13 – multi-fuel engine

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With unmistakable design – featuring a bright red X printed on the cylinder head – the XC13 is the evolution of the current Cursor 13, and FPT Industrial's first engine with a multi-fuel platform. From diesel to natural gas – including biomethane – hydrogen, and renewable fuels, its revolutionary design encompasses several versions to offer the highest possible level of standardization of components and easy integration into the final vehicle.

N67- natural gas engine
Lauded all over the world, in Brazil the NEF series engine is already fitted to the New Holland T6 Methane Power - the world's first biomethane-powered tractor and 2022 "Tractor of the Year" in the Sustainable category in Europe. Now also available for applications in the on-road transport sector for both trucks and buses, the N67 NG for commercial vehicles delivers the same performance as a diesel equivalent, and is also compatible with LNG, CNG and biomethane. The diesel-like performance achieves up to 280 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque.

FPT original reman – available for light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses
In full awareness of its role for the energy of the future, FPT Industrial is promoting circular economies by expanding its line of remanufactured engines for the on-road cargo and passenger transport sector. During Fenatran 2022, transportation companies will be able to witness first-hand the sustainability and benefits offered by Original Reman, available for light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses. At the event, the brand also launched its turbocharger and presented a complete cylinder head with valves, which expands its portfolio of solutions with the smallest possible environmental footprints.

The process is certified by FPT Industrial and comes with a one-year warranty, increasing the useful lifespan of the engines. With the performance and fuel consumption of a new engine, Original Reman upgrades components, achieves a reduction in TCO with lower operating costs, and guarantees that vehicles are always available, ready to work and generate revenue.

“As producers of powertrains, we accept the challenge of evolving from a carbon-based economy to a new sustainable circular economy,” says Marco Rangel, Vice President of Commercial Operations, Latin America for FPT Industrial. “Our portfolio of innovations and sustainable technologies presented at Fenatran confirms our commitment to the goal of achieving net zero by 2040, with FPT Industrial as the benchmark for key technologies for our customers and partners.”

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